Our Aims

We want children, who graduate from Kelvedon St Mary’s, to be:

Deeply knowledgeable

Children grow the cultural capital they need to succeed in life through the teaching and learning of essential knowledge. Our focus on knowledge aids reading comprehension, enabling us to champion a love of reading. We are very aware that some knowledge is best learnt first-hand and so through an extensive programme of rich experiences our pupils develop their own character and interests.

Critical thinkers

Our teachers create the conditions for investigation, practice, reasoning and questioning of knowledge to develop our pupils' higher order thinking skills.

Excellent communicators

We are a vocabulary rich school, where children are supported and challenged to develop their spoken language skills.

Excited to learn

We ignite a lifelong enthusiasm for learning that enables every child to reach their full potential.

These aims set our pupils on a pathway that sees them gain experience, knowledge and good judgement. This enables every child to not only achieve highly but also be equipped with the cultural capital required to contribute and thrive in our evolving world and society.