Welcome to the 'KSM life in all its fullness' blog where we share our vision to inspire wisdom and possibilities.


Influenced by the Church of England’s commitment to educating for 'life in all its fullness' (John 10:10), we place a strong emphasis on nurturing the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral, and social development of our children.


The foundation of our educational approach is rooted in a golden thread of wisdom that weaves deep knowledge, critical thinking, strong communication, and exciting learning opportunities throughout our curriculum. This approach sets our pupils on a path where they gain invaluable experience, knowledge, and the ability to exercise sound judgment. This not only enables each child to excel academically but also equips them with the cultural capital necessary to thrive in our ever-evolving world and society.


Accompanying our focus on wisdom is our unwavering desire to dream big and embrace boundless possibilities. Our school motto, 'make the impossible possible,' is an invitation for both adults and children to flourish with a remarkable mindset that encourages continuous improvement. Through effort, evidence-based practices, innovation, and collaboration, we not only achieve more but encourage resilience to overcome setbacks that are an integral part of the learning process.


This blog space serves as a platform to celebrate the vibrant life of Kelvedon St Mary's, where 'life in all its fullness' is a reality. Join us as we explore the stories, achievements, and experiences that make our school community truly exceptional. Together, we'll make the impossible possible!