Accelerated Reader

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Kelvedon Academy wishes to encourage pupils to build a lifelong love of reading. Also to raise attainment in reading and to engage children who, for whatever reason, do not enjoy reading.

Accelerated Reader is a self-paced, individualized reading programme for KS2 pupils which involves children reading books and then taking computerized, multiple-choice tests that measure their comprehension of the books they have read. It allows frequent progress monitoring s that challenge and support can be given where appropriate. It can also determine whether or not a child has read a book and the pace / amount of reading a child is undertaking.

Pupils choose and read a book. They then take a computerised quiz (written inside each book will be a quiz number). This quiz checks that they have understood what they have read. Teachers then receive information to assist, motivate reading, monitor progress and set targets.

The data generated is used by the teacher to monitor reading progress and shapes subsequent reading instructions. The data helps the teacher identify significant improvement or pupils who are struggling and require additional or different guidance. 

The books in the scheme are a mixture of popular titles, interesting and relevant non-fiction texts and traditional classic - something for everyone and a range of genres.